Copper wire

Copper has been utilized in electrical wiring ever since the invention of the electromagnet and the telegraph in the 1820s. 


Enamelled copper wire

Enamelled wire is copper wire that has been coated with a very thin layer of insulation. It’s easy to use; all you have to do is direct weld the insulation layer, which is a copper wire for use with wire cable, without scraping it. Enamelled wire is made of high-quality copper that is extremely electrically conductive. It’s robust and long-lasting, resistant to fading and abrasion, and designed for long-term usage. The main aim of this coating, often known as “enamel,” is to prevent wires from becoming entangled in short circuits. This also explains why transformers, inductors, and electromagnets may use this wiring. The enameled copper wire also has the advantage of being easy to solder.

Round copper wire

Our ordinary wire Damid, solderable wire Dasol, bondable wire Damidbond, selflubricant wire Damid SL, and corona resistant wires Daprest and Damid CR are all available in our product portfolio. The available dimensions, varnish grades, and thermal classification of all the aforementioned vary.

DAMID – our standard wire with good to very high thermal classification.

DAMIBOND – our bondable wire, copper wire enamelled with THEIC-modified polyester or polyesterimide.

DASOL and DAMIDSOL – our solderable enamelled copper wire.

DAMID CR & DAPREST – our corona resistant enamelled copper wire.

DAMID SL – our selflubricated wire

Rectangular and Flat copper wires

DAMIC and DAMIDOMIC, glassfibre-covered copper conductor DAFIBRE, enamelled and glassfibre-covered DAMIDFIBRE, and polyester and glassfibre-covered DAROGLAS and DAMIDOGLAS are all available.

The Kapton taped DAKAP is also available for the most demanding applications. The available dimensions, varnish grades, and thermal classification of all of the following products may vary. For more information, please contact your local sales office. These are the following copper wires which we offer.

DAFIBRE – glassfibre covered rectangular copper wire.

DAMIDFIBRE – enamelled glassfibre covered rectangular copper wire.

DAROGLAS – rectangular copper wire covered with polyester glassfibre.

DAMIDOGLAS – enamelled rectangular copper wire covered with polyester glassfibre.

DAMIC and DAMIDOMIC – rectangular copper wire wrapped with MICA-tape.

DAKAP – enamelled rectangular copper wire wrapped with Polyimide-film

Low Co2 emission copper wire from Dahrén

When it comes to reducing our production’s environmental impact, we are delighted to be the industry leader. Our solvent emissions are far below EU guidelines, our copper and aluminum waste is 100% recycled, and we reuse all of our packaging.

Copper or aluminum discharge into water supplies is limited, and any surplus energy from our manufacturing is re-used to heat our facilities. We are always working with all aspects of our organization to reduce our carbon footprint. Our environmental management system has received ISO 14000 certification. Low Carbon Copper (LCC) has been available as an option since 2021. LCC is a certified copper standard with a CO2 emission reduction of 50%. We believe Low Co2 emission and environmental climate issues are something that needs to be maintained at all times. We are therefore constantly working in a direction that is the most environmentally friendly way possible.