LWW Group and Elcowire Group have decided to cease the production at Isodraht GmbH in Mannheim, Germany

Jonslund, Sweden, 14 of May 2020
The volume produced at Isodraht will be relocated to the other manufacturing sites within the LWW Group and Elcowire Group in Europe. The consolidation of production capacity will enable us to strengthen our competitiveness of our core business and improve our ability to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations of quality, flexibility, and service. We are convinced that the ability to produce and deliver according to the high standards, that Isodraht’s customers are used to, will remain.

Isodraht GmbH will continue being an excellent sales company and service provider for the winding wire market. The products will continue to perform through the trademark Isodraht, and the Sales department, Customer service and Logistics will remain in Mannheim. Our customers will be in good hands also in the future, and the changed location of production will contribute to improved technology and application know-how, both related to Elcowire Group and LWW Group.

Further information will be forthcoming and directly communicated to all our stakeholders, although we think the relocation will be unnoticed in the day to day business by our customers.

Isodraht has a long history and an appreciated workforce, so to close the production in Mannheim has been a very difficult decision to take. Nevertheless, a necessary decision to ensure competitiveness going forward. A dialogue with works council at Isodraht has been initiated and we are positive to find an acceptable solution for the employees and the company. In the meantime, all efforts are put into continuing our ongoing daily business activities.

For further information, please contact:
LWW Group, patrik.brouzell@lww.se (+46 702 514 192)

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